Business Law

When would it be ideal to start a new business, determining which entity structure is appropriate, and a host of other start-up concerns can leave an entrepreneur’s mind swimming. The answer, as is with most things, is that “it all depends on your individual needs.” Our firm can help you make these crucial decisions, and will be happy to continue to offer both advice and assistance on the many legal matters that can affect a small or medium-sized business. Our qualified attorneys can help draft, review, and negotiate contracts that can affect every aspect of your business. Lastly, our firm can aid your organization in completing complex bid packages, to potentially secure government contracts. In this regard, our list of services include:

  • Assistance with entity selection
  • Completing federal and state licensing documents
  • Consulting
  • Document review & due diligence for partnering organizations
  • Drafting employment, partnership & ancillary agreements
  • Drafting start-up documents
  • Government Contract Assistance
  • IRA LLC formations & self-directed investment guidance
  • Obtaining Taxpayer Identification Numbers
  • Providing registered agent services

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